New Future Makers

Everyone deserves the chance at a hopeful future.  Where to start? Some might say education. While we believe this is a vital piece of the whole, for most people, economic independence is an even bigger issue. The ability to self-support when leaving and abuser can be foreign territory for many. Learning the necessary skills for moving up in the workforce is also important in the quest for a prosperous future. All of this requires a few key components such as, a good resume’, a cover letter, knowledge of the various types of interview processes, how to handle key issues once the job is secured, and the key to all of these individual pieces – Professionalism! Become a New Future Maker and give the gift of economic independence to those who desperately need this help.

Who is a New Future Maker?

A New Future Maker is a generous, concerned member of the human family who understands the connection between giving help and providing the way for someone in need to help themselves! When you give $100+, four victims have the opportunity to become a long-term survivor. This may be a mom and her kid or a dad and his kids. By giving the gift of an opportunity to self-educate, you will no doubt be saving generations to come from abuse – and they will never even know it. Thank goodness!!

When you contribute to the production and distribution of our Professionalism  – The Road to your New Future program, thousands of shelters and other community service programs are able to distribute this program freely to those who will surely benefit!

Welcome to your New Future!

A New Future Maker understands that survivors bare the responsibility for ultimately  – well Surviving! Providing for children and keeping a household running is not easy. Sure, there are government programs. These programs are good and necessary in many cases. However, a survivor can have no greater feeling than knowing economic independence is on the horizon. The ability to choose the direction of our life is a right many of us take for granted. But, victims who are fighting hard to become survivors consider such choice a privilege. They are denied education and advancement opportunities.  New Future Makers understand this and are driven to provide this human right to those who have been so deprived.

On whom do we focus?

The New Future Makers effort focuses on three particular groups of our human family who are in special need of making sure their old future doesn’t dominate their New Future!

Survivors of abuse and violence can look forward to a New Future! No more fear. No more obligation. No more guilt. The FOG* has cleared and the New Future is in view.

As a Thank You…

Donors to the New Future Makers program a.k .a. Andere Academy, will receive recognition on the Andere Foundation website.

Your generosity is appreciated by all who will benefit immediately from these programs. More importantly, those who benefit in the long run may never know to appreciate your donation. But, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you took the time to step up and help a fellow human family member begin the process of building a New Future with potential generations of lasting benefits.   Thank you!


*FOG – Fear, Obligation, and Guilt coined by Susan Forward & Donna Frazier in their book Emotional Blackmail.

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