Our mission is ending the cycle of domestic violence and abuse by providing workforce preparedness and professional development resources to abuse victims and survivors. 

Help Us Get the Word Out

Andere Foundation was created on the belief that everyone deserves the chance at a hopeful future.  But, when caught in the web of abuse, the question is often – where do we start? Some might say community awareness programs which teach people how to avoid victimization. While this work is absolutely necessary, we have asked the question – What about those who are already in being abused and need a way out? To this end,  formal education like college or other post-secondary training may seem to be the answer. While we believe these are vital pieces of the whole, for most people, economic independence is an even bigger issue.

The ability to self-support when leaving an abuser can be difficult. Learning the necessary skills for moving up in the workforce is also important in the quest for a prosperous future. All of this requires a few key components such as, a good resume’, a cover letter, knowledge of the various types of interview processes, how to handle key issues once the job is secured, and the key to all of these individual pieces – Professionalism! Knowing the ways of the business world and preparing to navigate the competitive waters successfully is absolutely necessary.

From Victim to Survivor

Lisa Smith, Executive Director of the Andere Foundation, knows this neighborhood first hand. After 12+ years of survival during an abusive marriage, she was finally able to get out. Lisa understood early on that she and her children would live a long bleak life, if they were not killed first.  The only way out was through economic independence. Lisa was scared and worked very hard to balance fear and determination in a way that eventually allowed for escape.

Lisa took classes at a trade school and began working  as a medical assistant after graduation. Through the next several years, she took every opportunity to better herself and slowly advanced her skill-set. Without the internet and the convenience of e-learning, Lisa was forced into a very slow moving chain of self-education. But, she finally did it!  She was able to escape her abuser and rescue her kids from further abuse. Forming the Andere Academy and Foundation has been a dream of Lisa’s that has finally come true.

Andere provides hope!

Survivors of abuse and violence can look forward to a New Future! No more fear. No more obligation. No more guilt. The FOG* has cleared and the New Future is in view.  Lisa and her team have worked to assist victims and Survivors via Andere Foundation and the e-learning courses provided by Andere Academy.

Our solution:

  • Is engaging and fun for learners
  • Increases effectiveness by providing 6x the data of a traditional Learning Management System
  • Decreases the time required to train

Who Qualifies for Andere Programs?

  • Victims / Survivors of Domestic Violence or Sexual Assault who are trying to flee and/or rebuild their lives.

How do I apply?

You need a community sponsor who can vouch for your level of need and dedication to change and progress. Once you have determined who your sponsor will be, ask them to write a letter of need to:  Andere Foundation – Attn: (the program you would like to access). The letter must detail who they are, how the sponsor knows you and how they are participating with you in your process to rebuild or move forward in your life. The letter may preserve your privacy, of course, but must certify your need to our satisfaction in order to extend services. The letter must be on letterhead or come from an organization email address and include a phone number. We will verify the organization and reserve the right to call and speak with the sponsor directly.

Who may act as my community sponsor?

A community sponsor may be any of the following:

  • Shelter coordinator
  • Case worker
  • Social worker
  • Doctor
  • Parole officer
  • Law enforcement official
  • Judge / Attorney
  • Counselor
  • Clergy
  • Domestic violence advocate

The Andere Academy can fill the skills gap and increase employability by teaching Internet and modern professional skills to survivors/victims of abuse with 60-90 second videos and short webinar style courses in a beautiful and effective training platform.

Types of courses included in the Andere Academy offering: (not a complete list)

Resume & Cover Letter Prep                                

Conflict Resolution                                         

Public Speaking Skills

Interview Traditional and Behavioral                      

Dealing with Difficult Personalities

Online Netiquette

Digital application instruction                  

Dealing with Freedom

Interview Dress and Etiquette                                

Listening Skills                                               

Customer Service Skills

Business Terminology

Human Resources Laws

Entrepreneurial Thinking

Office Procedures

Payroll Laws

HIPAA Compliance

Medical Office Procedures


Privacy and Security

Medical Terminology

Workplace Violence – addressing DV

Software Training Courses

Communication Skills

Management and Leadership Skills

Sales Techniques

Exam Prep Courses…..                   Continuing Education Courses…..         AND MUCH MORE!


Increase your employability and get the job.

Become economically independent.

Let Andere Academy help you succeed!