Academy FAQ’s: Online Education

Q: Is Andere Development, LLC or Andere Academy non-profit?

A: Yes and No. Andere Development, LLC is a for-profit training and development organization. Andere Academy is a pet ‘give back’ project of AS. Currently, the Academy is largely funded  from the profits of HelpDesk Tool-Kits for Business Professionals sales and the personal funds of the Smith family. The Andere Foundation Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit public charity and is the entity responsible for holding and disbursing all funds associated with the Academy and other activities the Foundation participates in benefiting survivors of abuse.

Q: Where did the idea for the Andere Academy originate?

A: Lisa Smith is the founder and CEO of Andere Development, LLC. She endured and survived a 12 years of abuse at the hand of her first husband. During her marriage, Lisa worked very hard to educate herself and make the way out to economic independence for herself and the three children born into the marriage. A few years ago, Lisa taught in a career school and saw herself in most of her students. They were all struggling to do the same things she had years ago. Many were unsuccessful. Creating the online resource for those who cannot break away and go to school full-time or who cannot afford to enroll in a training program has been a dream Lisa is finally able to realize with the help of her wonderfully supportive husband, Rick, and the staff at Andere Development. Increasing employability by providing survivors with the tools needed to win the interview, get the job, and demonstrate knowledge in a variety of soft skill and hard skill areas will increase self-esteem and confidence, greatly benefiting survivors and families. Lisa Smith and her crew are excited to be helping people change their lives through the Academy!

Q: How will you fund the Academy with the ‘lo to no’ cost model?

A: Our model allows for FREE unlimited access to our online training with only an administrative cost of $25 per learner per year. This doesn’t sound like enough money at first glance. Most training sites like ours in the private sector will run upwards of $300 per learner per year for fewer available courses. Some charge per course. Our courses would range $15 to $199 per course in the private sector.

Q: Who will pay the $25 administrative fee?

A: In many cases, survivors will be able to afford the $25 fee. Empowering a survivor to pay their own way and accomplish goals on their own dime is a huge step to independence. Studies have shown that even attaching a $2 co-payment to a patient’s health insurance made them more compliant with the doctor’s orders and cut back on unnecessary office calls. We believe that allowing able survivors to pay the $25 will encourage them to complete more of the training and feel the accomplishment on an even greater level. When payments are made through the Andere Foundation, a tax benefit may be taken by the donor.

Q: Is there a scholarship program through Andere?

A: Not technically. But, there is no need.  Access for 12 months is FREE. The only charge is a $25 admin fee. The Andere Foundation is available to accept tax deductible donations from any individual or organization that wishes to sponsor one or more learners at the $25 rate. If no funding is available, Andere will fund the learner. We turn no one away.

Q: Where does the $25 fee go?

A: It will be used to supplement ongoing website development and maintenance. We will also use it to assist in funding new content development and CEU approval. We will also need to fund our continued awareness and communication efforts.

Q: How does the enrollment process work?

A: All enrollments are completed electronically. The referring organization will complete the enrollment form on our website. The fee will be paid at that time. Within 48 hours we will verify the letter of need and send back the link to the training site. The learner may re-set their own password. The account will be good for 12 months.

Q: Is there a screening process or can anyone get into the Academy?

A: Yes a screening process is necessary in order to preserve the integrity of the program and to uphold a standard of fair practice to the training industry. After the letter of need is sent at enrollment, an Academy representative will review and confirm the enrollment within 48 hours. As we grow, access may be granted to the learner on a temporary access basis for up to a week. After the confirmation process is complete, the entire Academy will be available to the learner for the 12 month period. If there is any question about the validity of the letter or referring organization, the membership will be suspended and the learner/sponsor will be contacted with next steps in order to secure re-activation.

Q: Above you mentioned a ‘standard of fair practice’. What is that?

A: In the training world, on-demand courses and online membership training programs such as the Academy cost much more than a $25 admin fee per year. The averages are stated in the 3rd answer above. It is not the desire of Andere Development to tarnish this standard or diminish the value of this training model by creating a false picture of ‘cheap’ training. The training learners will receive from Andere Academy is on-par with courses delivered by top training companies around the US. Therefore, ONLY those who have a VALID and verifiable need will be allowed to access the Academy for free.

Q: Will the Academy be open to the public?

A: Yes. Anyone may enjoy online education with a 12 month access to the Academy  for a donation of $15 per month or $99 annually.

Q: Who in the general public would benefit from the Academy?

A: Good question! College students, home-schooled students, adults who need to keep current on ever-changing digital technology, business owners and others with management duties, employees who are looking to up their game and get promotions or new positions and virtually anyone else with a need or love for on-going learning and growth will benefit from the  comfort and ease of online education.

Q: How many courses are in the Academy?

A: We currently have hundreds of videos and tutorials. The count grows continually. We will update and exchange courses in and out to keep them current as needed.

Q: Will the learners receive any college credit or CEUs?

A: No and Yes. None of the courses are for college credit. Many of them will provide various types of continuing education units or credits and possibly even help prepare the learner for certification exams which do not require college degrees. Most of these exams will also require hands-on experience for best outcome. This is explained as the learner encounters the area of study. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are issued according to the National Task Force for Continuing Education guidelines, and approval is at the discretion of your licensing board. Questions and concerns should be directed to your professional licensing board or agency.

Q: At what level of education will the learner need to be able to function?

A: Our courses are developed in plain, easy to understand language. However, the subject matter is not over simplified. Some courses are more technical than others. If pre-requisites are suggested, we have noted this on the description. Our courses could largely be described as ‘ community college continuing education level courses’.

Q: Is there an instructor available to consult with the learner should a question arise?

A: No. Unfortunately, we cannot provide tutoring services at this time.

Q: How can I receive updates or newsletters about Andere Academy news and progress?

A: Sign up for our email list.

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