The Terrorist at Home

Terrorism is an excellent descriptor for this life we have lived. In order to survive, we must become Homeland Security agents devising ways to liberate the homeland hostages and extract the terrorist. The only problem is the survivors are playing all roles in this very dangerous made for real life drama. house

My abuser was finally convicted on 2 felony counts of Terroristic Threats with False Imprisonment also on the list of charges. After I left, he continued harassment and even followed me across the country to my new house with my new husband. He left messages on my answering machine stating ne would kill us both by a certain date if we didn’t turn over the kids to him. The recordings were finally what Georgia used to prosecute the felonies. His new wife even called me to say he had told her and his sister how he would torture and kill me. Very graphic. I will spare you the details here. She wouldn’t testify or go on the record. She also thanked me for trying to warn her about him and said she was divorcing him. I got the same Thank You call from his 3rd wife when she finally decided to leave him after she took her 5 years of abuse.

It is interesting a man that bent on destroying me did finally stop and move on to the next victim when he was forced to wear the pretty orange jumpsuit with the lovely silver wrist and ankle bracelets. He only spent 5 weeks in jail. He was extradited from Texas to Georgia for the whole process. He didn’t stop abusing. He just stopped abusing me.  ~ Lisa ~

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