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Lisa at Radio X Interview

Lisa at Radio X Interview

Lisa K. Smith, CMA, RMA, CHWE

Certified Speaker / Trainer

Andere Seminars and Andere Foundation has been a vision of mine for many years.

A survivor of 12 years of domestic violence, I finally managed to find my true husband and partner. Together, we successfully home-schooled and raised 3 wonderful adults and took care of aging in-laws. During this time, I continued to run a business and teach struggling single moms in the career school setting.  I also acted as a mentor for many of the students of the school.

Because of my difficult history, I have a special message. It is a theme that applies to virtually any topic. Any group of people will benefit, no matter what their occupation or station in life. My theme is “Your New Future”.

In my case, I was 20 years old and pregnant. I was married to a man who hit me, called me names, and committed crimes against me I cannot mention in this bio. I had no real marketable skill-set. One day I was sitting on my bed crying after an altercation and I started to think down the road 20 years. I thought, “Fourty years old! Getting hit every day. Maybe I would even be dead by then”. I couldn’t bear to envision the lives of the children I would surely bring along with me. Right then I knew what I had to do. I had to get a NEW FUTURE. I immediately put a plan into action. I knew it would not be an overnight change. But, I knew if I didn’t die first, things would get better, eventually. They did.

Maybe your folks are not facing life and death. But, the message is still true. Stop complaining and wallowing. Stop blaming others around you. Take responsibility. Look at your current path and where it is leading you. Then, decide if it is time for a NEW FUTURE. Work, family, personal challenges, entrepreneurial endeavors, or whatever the issues may be – I will challenge every group I speak with to ask this vital question.

In addition to my history above, I have 25 plus years experience as an administrator. I have worked as a contract workshop trainer, motivational speaker,  and seminar and webinar content developer for major  training and consulting firms in the U.S. Besides holding many professional memberships, I am also a Subject Matter Expert for a national organization charged with creating certification examinations for allied health professionals.  I am a Certified and Registered Medical Assistant and a Certified Health and Wellness Examiner. I am also a published author and content developer.

Early in my career, I held the position of Clinic Chairman of Volunteers for the American Red Cross on Spangdahlem Air Force Base in Germany. There, I acted as the liaison between military personnel and civilian volunteers. I was the first point of contact for the dental assisting program applicants and mediated conflicts as needed between patients, active duty military members, and Red Cross volunteers. During this time, I was exposed to a variety of private information and privacy guidelines before HIPAA was ever a law.

In addition to my extensive experience as an administrator, I have taught at the college level where I was in charge of HIPAA annual training and other professional development classes for students. I am currently appointed to a national committee which creates certification examinations for allied health professionals across the country. I am also a free-lance content developer and have developed curriculum guides and training guides for medical assisting program directors and study guides for three certification exams in the last two years.

Finally, I will tell you my favorite part! Since 1988, I have been involved in improvisational theatre in one way or another. I worked professionally for a short while before moving to Germany with the Air Force. I directed a troupe on base while I was in Germany. During Desert Storm, I was involved in an effort to entertain the troops and family members in Germany. I also was hired during this time as a live infomercial presenter for Bose Corp. I could go on and on. Bottom line? I am a huge proponent of the Applied Improvisation movement.

Applied Improv is taking the techniques improvisors use on stage and applying them and their principles in business to improve productivity, communication, morale, and ultimately the bottom line! I incorporate AI into all of my seminars and speaking engagements. I would love to speak to your group about these principles.

Ok. So, now you know me a little better. There is yet oh so much to tell. I have so many stories and experiences. I have so much to offer. Whether you need me to speak to your group for a week or just 20 minutes, I have just the thing. I say this with confidence.

Drop me an email with some basics about your meeting or project. I will respond quickly. We will set a time to speak personally. Then, we can decide. After I have heard from you, I can quote you my fee. Thanks so much for reading this little bit of my story. Take care. Be happy. Have a GREAT FUTURE!!

Lisa Smith

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