Andere Academy Small Business Employee Training

Andere Foundation Presents: The Andere Academy

As a fundraiser, we are offering this powerful e-learning system to raise money for the education and workforce development of victims of abuse. Our program is designed to help victims become employable at a higher level, improving their lives and the lives of their kids.

Now, you can provide the necessary employee training while benefiting victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and young people aging out of the foster care system with a tax-deductible donation.

Take advantage of  the Small Business Special:

15 seats for the price of 10 seats for a 12 month period
in the Andere Academy for a donation of only

I’ll take that deal


Give a one-time donation of any amount. Thank you!

Inside Andere Academy you will find:

Organized, quality content so you can find the lesson, you’re looking for right when you need it.
Our library of video lessons covers more than 200 topics and professional skills.

Simple to use + Modern and versatile = Better results. The Academy can train your team with short videos for even shorter attention spans.

A World-Class Training Library of  training videos that are:

Developed by professional on-staff instructional designers. Crafted by professional video producers, animators, and editors. Created to ensure accuracy, effectiveness, and fresh content our library includes comprehensive training on:

  • 10 Soft Skills You Need Course
  • Administrative Office ProceduresCourse
  • Administrative SupportCourse
  • Anger ManagementCourse
  • Appreciative InquiryCourse
  • Archiving and Records ManagementCourse
  • Assertiveness and Self-ConfidenceCourse
  • Attention ManagementCourse
  • Basic BookkeepingCourse
  • Being a Likeable BossCourse
  • Body Language BasicsCourse
  • Budgets & Financial ReportsCourse
  • Business AcumenCourse
  • Business EthicsCourse
  • Business Etiquette Course
  • Business Succession PlanningCourse
  • Business WritingCourse
  • Call Center TrainingCourse
  • Change ManagementCourse
  • Civility in the WorkplaceCourse
  • Coaching and MentoringCourse
  • Coaching SalespeopleCourse
  • Collaborative Business WritingCourse
  • Communication StrategiesCourse
  • Conducting Annual Employee Reviews Course
  • Conflict Resolution In ProgressCourse
  • Contact Center TrainingCourse
  • Contract ManagementCourse
  • Creating a Great WebinarCourse
  • Creative Problem SolvingCourse
  • Critical ThinkingCourse
  • Customer ServiceCourse
  • Cyber SecurityCourse
  • Delivering Constructive CriticismCourse
  • Developing a Lunch and LearnCourse
  • Developing Corporate BehaviorCourse
  • Developing CreativityCourse
  • Developing New ManagersCourse
  • Digital CitizenshipCourse
  • Emotional IntelligenceCourse
  • Employee MotivationCourse
  • Employee OnboardingCourse
  • Employee RecognitionCourse
  • Employee RecruitmentCourse
  • Employee Termination ProcessesCourse
  • EntrepreneurshipCourse
  • Event PlanningCourse
  • Executive and Personal AssistantsCourse
  • Facilitation SkillsCourse
  • Generation Gaps Course
  • Goal Setting and Getting Things DoneCourse
  • Handling a Difficult CustomerCourse
  • Health and Wellness at WorkCourse
  • High Performance Teams (Inside the Company)Course
  • High Performance Teams (Remote Workforce)Course
  • Hiring StrategiesCourse
  • Human Resource ManagementCourse
  • Improving MindfulnessCourse
  • Improving Self AwarenessCourse
  • Increasing Your HappinessCourse
  • Internet Marketing FundamentalsCourse
  • Interpersonal SkillsCourse
  • Job Search SkillsCourse
  • Knowledge ManagementCourse
  • Leadership and InfluenceCourse
  • Lean Process And Six SigmaCourse
  • Life Coaching EssentialsCourse
  • Manager ManagementCourse
  • Managing Personal FinancesCourse
  • Managing Workplace AnxietyCourse
  • Marketing BasicsCourse
  • Measuring Results From TrainingCourse
  • Media and Public RelationsCourse
  • Meeting ManagementCourse
  • Middle ManagerCourse
  • Millennial OnboardingCourse
  • mLearning EssentialsCourse
  • Motivating Your Sales TeamCourse
  • Multi-Level MarketingCourse
  • Negotiation SkillsCourse
  • Networking (Outside the Company)Course
  • Networking Within the CompanyCourse
  • Office Politics for ManagersCourse
  • Organizational SkillsCourse
  • Overcoming Sales ObjectionsCourse
  • Performance ManagementCourse
  • Personal BrandingCourse
  • Personal ProductivityCourse
  • Presentation SkillsCourse
  • Project ManagementCourse
  • Proposal WritingCourse
  • Prospecting and Lead GenerationCourse
  • Public SpeakingCourse
  • Risk Assessment and ManagementCourse
  • Safety in the WorkplaceCourse
  • Sales FundamentalsCourse
  • Servant LeadershipCourse
  • Social IntelligenceCourse
  • Social LearningCourse
  • Social Media in the WorkplaceCourse
  • Stress ManagementCourse
  • Supervising OthersCourse
  • Supply Chain ManagementCourse
  • Taking InitiativeCourse
  • Talent ManagementCourse
  • Team Building for ManagersCourse
  • Teamwork and Team BuildingCourse
  • Telephone EtiquetteCourse
  • Telework and TelecommutingCourse
  • Time ManagementCourse
  • Top 10 Sales SecretsCourse
  • Trade Show Staff TrainingCourse
  • Train-the-TrainerCourse
  • Virtual Team Building and ManagementCourse
  • Women in LeadershipCourse
  • Work-Life BalanceCourse
  • Workplace DiversityCourse
  • Workplace HarassmentCourse
  • Workplace ViolenceCourse
  • Conducting Internal Audits in Payroll Part 1- 2017Video
  • And Much More!!!

Choose the best option for you. Help us give Domestic Violence victims and Survivors the workforce development skills they need to literally change their lives!


If you would like to talk about training your larger company (100 or more) with a tax-deductible donation to Andere Foundation, hit the button below and send us a message.


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