Who Qualifies for Andere Online Learning Programs?

Anyone who is a member of one of the following groups below and is seeking to break the cycle of poverty, abuse, and violence by obtaining the necessary skills to become employable and economically independent members of a society that does not rely on abusers, expose children to abusers, become abusers, or become contributors to abusive situations in order to survive.

  • The Andere Academy is not open to the general public for free however, anyone who submits a donation of  $15 per month or $99 annually can receive access.
  • Victims / Survivors of any sort of abuse who are trying to flee and/or rebuild their lives may obtain access for FREE. 
  • Teens/adults who have aged out of Foster Care or are within 24 months of age 18 are also qualified to receive services for FREE.
  • Employees and volunteers of shelters and organizations that assist victims may access the Academy for FREE.

How do I apply?

You need a community sponsor who can vouch for your qualification as a victim/survivor. Once you have determined who your sponsor will be, ask them to write a letter of need to:  Andere Foundation – Attn: Client Enrollment. The letter must detail who they are, how the sponsor knows you and how they are participating with you in your process to rebuild or move forward. The letter may preserve your privacy, of course, but must certify your need.

How does the need get certified?

The letter must be on letterhead or come from an organization email address and include a phone number. We will verify the organization and reserve the right to call and speak with the sponsor directly. After you have obtained this your letter, fill in the registration below and submit your enrollment request.

Who may act as my community sponsor?

A community sponsor may be any of the following:

  • Shelter coordinator
  • Case worker
  • Social worker
  • Doctor
  • Parole officer
  • Law enforcement official
  • Judge / Attorney
  • Counselor
  • Clergy
  • Domestic violence advocate

I am an employee / volunteer. How  do I register?

First, Thank You for your hard work and dedication! Now, to register, just click HERE.

If you have other questions you can contact us here

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