No One Can Label You

Remember the time you had a sister you didn’t know about, met her, lost her, found her and lost her on the same day. After years of searching, you found her three children who didn’t even know you existed? That was amazing! Remember that?
No, you say? I’m shocked. I thought this stuff happened to everyone.  Hmmmm…

So, that is my story in a nutshell. I found my deceased sister’s three children. (Now grown adults) My niece Sarah agreed to record a video for me to use for Andere Foundation. She and her two brothers spent time in several foster homes until they were adopted by a member of  their biological father’s family.  Her line to everyone she meets is “No one can label  you”. Making her own labels in life, Sarah’s story is one of strength, endurance and Success. I am so very proud of her!!

Andere Foundation assists foster teens and young adults with FREE access to the 6000+ e-Learning courses in Andere Academy. If you know someone who could benefit from this service, please send them our way.

Now, please click on the link below to watch and appreciate Sarah’s Story:

Sarah’s Story: No One Can Label You


Until Next Time,

Lisa Smith
Domestic Violence Survivor


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