Hostage No More

The hostage conversation is very comforting to me. For years, I have watched movies about hostage situations and had thoughts like, “when I was a hostage” or “in my situation” and then I would think I was a little crazy because I had never been a hostage! But, I could clearly identify with the hostage feelings, actions, and even failed attempts at escape. I chalked it up to really vivid dreams I must be remembering. But, after coming out of the FOG, I began to realize I had been a hostage for 12 years. When I read the steps of brainwashing 

No longer bound by fear

No longer bound by fear

and how it progresses, I realized I had been brainwashed to a large extent. I had even shown the signs of Stockholm Syndrome. When I have said this to some people about being a hostage, they scoff. Just because I wasn’t physically bound and gagged does not mean I was free. Trying to understand this life we lived goes much deeper than most of us are willing to post on a public forum. But, for anyone reading this and wondering why you feel held hostage please know it may be a reality for you. Look at your life. Be objective. Be honest. Do your absolute best to clear your FOG (see post below). If you decide you may be living the life of a hostage because you are living with an abuser, GET HELP! PLEASE!                                                                                 

                                                                                                                                                      ~ Lisa~

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