Domestic Violence MUST READ Articles from the Web – April 2017

Hey Survivors and Friends!

Welcome to our monthly feature “MUST READ  Articles from the Web”. Each month, I  will share a few interesting and informative articles I have come across. Please read, share and learn. 

Internet Website Computer Laptop20 Diversion Tactics Highly Manipulative Narcissists, Sociopaths And Psychopaths Use To Silence You: Part I

When an abuser has a mental illness, they can employ diversionary tactics to avoid taking responsibility for their choices

Running for Her Life

Caught in a cycle of violence, how running literally and figuratively saved one woman’s life

Healthy, Unhealthy or Abusive?

Toolkits designed to teach teens about dating violence


Until Next Time, Be Safe and Be Aware!

Lisa Smith

Lisa Smith is Executive Director of Andere Foundation. She survived 12 years of abuse of every sort at the hand of her first husband. Lisa has three children who also  survived and  continue to survive every single day. Her hope is that all victims can become survivors. She founded Andere Foundation to assist victims and survivors of abuse in becoming economically self sufficient. Andere provides FREE of charge online learning designed to build the  skills necessary to compete for a better paying job – or maybe even a first job. Taking positive steps to increase skill sets helped Lisa and allowed her to finally feel confident enough to free her family from the controlling abuser in their lives.

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