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Training as a Voluntary Benefit

Whose job is it to pay for training? We have always assumed the employer will develop staff and encourage them to grow professionally by supplying training. But, is that true today? Was it ever really true at all? Is this assumption even fair?


Attention Employees: Abuse is coming to a workplace near you!

In recent months, the world has been made well aware of the abusive conduct of some well-known NFL players; Adrian Peterson (of the Minnesota Vikings) and Ray Rice (of the Baltimore Ravens) have been the most visible. On the football field – their workplace- abusive conduct and tendencies are a mandate of the position they […]


Attention Employers: Follow California’s Lead – Define Abusive Conduct

California AB 1825 has required two hours of harassment training every two years for all employees. Last year, the California governor signed AB2053, requiring abusive conduct training be added to the content. So what’s abusive conduct, according to AB 2053? “Abusive conduct” means, “…conduct of an employer or employee in the workplace, with malice, that […]