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1 PTSD Triggers of a Domestic Violence Survivor

So, October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. I want to add an experience and a message to those wonderful people who enter our lives after the abuser is gone. Let me set the stage: On Saturday, October 18th, 1986 I was preparing to celebrate my 2 year wedding anniversary with my husband. I was 26 days post-partum. I […]


Stockholm Syndrome: Do you have an employee who suffers?

Have you ever dealt with an employee who had signs and symptoms of domestic abuse, but loved, defended and protected the abuser? Some experts call this reaction Stockholm Syndrome or Trauma Bond. While hard to understand, the realities exist that an employee who suffers violently from abuse at home may allow this situation to escalate […]


Grace Under Fire: Domestic Violence Laughter, Okay or Not?

Do you  remember this sitcom? Brett Butler, a comedian from Alpharetta, GA, played a struggling single mom of three children under the  age of  12. She had endured a straight out of high school marriage of 10+ years to a man who hit her, cheated on her, and drank on a regular basis. Now she was working on her New […]