Angry Days

 As a woman who has lived the life of a hostage, a rag doll, a rape victim, a puppet and more, you can just name the amount of anger you would like to see well up in me at any given time over any subject of abuse and you are opening a firestorm hotter and stronger than you ever saw coming. I often speak to businesses on the topic of workplace violence and specifically address the topic of domestic violence. I get so many clueless faces in the audience that I wonder how there are so many blind eyes in this world. I get sooooo angry during these speeches and if I am not careful I begin to lecture. I must pull back and apologize for my reaction to my own discussion. I get so angry when I see some of these commercials on TV that I know mean well, but seem to do nothing to help people WAKE UP to the real story of domestic violence. I watch murder after murder on the news and everyone shakes their head and sighs heavily. Ahhh how sad. The murderous spouse was such a nice person!! We just can’t believe s/he did this!!

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What is the solution? Well, truly the only solution is God’s Kingdom. I understand that. Destruction of all wickedness from the face of the earth and restoration of pure worship without the influence of Satan is the only way any of us will ever see justice for the evil that has been heaped upon mankind. Until then, Angry Days ahead are going to happen. What we choose to do with that anger can make us or break us. Allowing the firestorm of adrenaline and tears to fuel productive lifesaving work we do as volunteers will benefit us and of course others we help. We can tell our stories. We can advocate for others. We can educate. We can rescue. We can encourage. We can be grateful everyday we draw breath that our family and friends were not in the awkward position of being the sad and pathetic neighbors interviewed on the six o’clock news. Yes, angry days will come and they will also go. Use them for good. Embrace the rage. Give it a voice, a purpose. Be cleansed by its fire, not consumed by the pyre.                            ~  Lisa ~

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